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Review by Paul ‘enter nickname here’ Roundhill

   Peter once declared himself to be foremost a writer and that music was merely the vehicle by which he hoped his writing would reach the wider world. Peter’s submissions of poetry and short prose pieces in issues 3 to … Continue reading

‘From Albion to Shangri-la’ – a kindhearted review from

   Peter once declared himself to be foremost a writer and that music was merely the vehicle by which he hoped his writing would reach the wider world. Peter’s submissions of poetry and short prose pieces in issues 3 to … Continue reading

did a post-spiel setlist after the stoke underground gig…. 36 songs… The regrouping of

my old band, The Libertines, is  (enter description that allows conclusion of permalink-heading to double up as a suitably celebratory and explanatory note on the massive injection of positive energy – confusion, plots, gentle paragliding through previously rough windcurrents of … Continue reading

Miks new blog coming soon,new postings once a week




are you there?             so we’re all playing where….   “Stags Head in Hoxton” sniffs “yeah… tickets available from”   are you winding me up ?   “no, that’s true. That’s what it is.” … Continue reading

SoccerSixIndie 2013

I am playing @SoccerSixIndie FRI 15th NOV at The London Soccerdome, Greenwich Peninsula, SE10 0JF

I will not live in the shadows anymore

Paper blank, Empty again. Brain bruised with anxieties. Voices quietened I still recall my eccentricities. Longing to dissolve this void Find a way through Tracing tears that I’ve cried. Regain my senses I will not live in the shadows anymore.

L.P review : Helsinki,


to_do list: preserving integrity, looking for daughter, darn the up the ol’ bracketFord…

Must get back to blighty forthwith>… if that is the correct context> must find necessary  funds to pay off —- — and retrieve all the footage he has of days at Kate’s house years ago. The shame of having to … Continue reading


hither and titrher wedge falliungf


r h i m p l b a x n v s t


count Dohna, I.C.O.S

going through them now….   have got: R    red with yellow st george’s cross H  white and red divided vertically I  ’black ball’ yellow with black circle in centre M  st andrew’s cross P ‘blue peter’ blue with white … Continue reading

before hearing of a compliment from V.C to K d V

there is a purity of essence to my sweetheart’s presence (an enormity at the core of she ) charlie whacked in with heroin violently tries: to obscure or defile (such sick things!) charlie chaplin heroine silently cries: too poor (but … Continue reading

duelheadlines sprayed on stencilled sliced sheets one about stabbing victim / other about a t.v celebrities shampoo dilemma

either a camp,dog or a coughing seagull, such a strange noise that I hear. morning sits up and flicks a finger at its reflection. kentish town. Nosey ol’ Camden Town tuts: “dont you know that`s very un-British?” Kentish town looks … Continue reading

tonight sunday 14th/ monday 15th ‘midnight to 6′ doors 10pm

club Jane 62 rue Mazarine paris 75006 opening set 10 pm Peter Doherty le sparks plus guest dj’s and poets…     viva le Republic!!!!   please spread the word tell as many people as possible…

timeline/blstoph- to show-1 MANIC on the sheets and on the duvet

05.27am london nw5 holding it all in sweet bitter tang in the burpthroat that is above under a vest (slim and soft not wifebeater) i repeat not wifebeater if it pleasya, and takes a rhyme neater into the vacuum whuch … Continue reading

Nathaniel Who?

Nathan von Wallenstein Weinstein

drafts from the past

album titles?

‘Jesus saves…but Drew nets the rebound
Continue reading

5 June, 2013 @ 3:49 [gallery] dillydallying in doherty&martin shop putangG/?.ùù + putain -   + oh        

dillydallying in doherty&martin shop Ca a commencé par une escalade. Celle des murs des étables de Camden Market. (ah oui, c’est la nuit et tout est fermé) à la dérive Puis on l’a trouvé. Le shop 429. Il est parfait. … Continue reading

so i read it to herlet her read it     aaaah       cim   cmon then you fucked up counts….

you`llwantaperfunctorybrolly)(what with all the rain)/ want a perfect soul (what with dis and that)

so Doherty and Martin and co, shop to pop up and stock to price up – has us deep in discussion and dramatic storming of brains  this evening. re-aligned to my affairs this side of the channel     survivng … Continue reading

tonight playing ‘The Fontania’ bar and tabac, 25 Rue Pierre Fontaine, Pigalle


Nous son

“It’s come to my attention that confusion abounds regarding my management situation. Hopefully I can clarify the current situation. Forget my previous post friends … All new enquiries should be directed to Mr Adrian Hunter (once, previous, future and current) … Continue reading

Hired gun

    ► 3:30► 3:30 22 hours ago – Uploaded by lipstickmelodies Peter Doherty, Alan Wass & The Lipstick Melodies HIRED GUN [Official Video …  

La Fontaine, this friday…vendredi sour tu sais?

ok, Nacer saves and jesus nets the rebound…   plotted up above the tabac, 25 rue Pierre Fontaine, pigalle, Paris 75009 just downhill out front enface the Moulin Rouge. Chance-ville for mesel’ and meselfishly sityting so set in my wayless … Continue reading

“You feel that … You are at home…”

Tu sens tu a la maison.     punch ups with paramours ppermitted but not pprolonged not   …   not that               ‘,chasing skirt   apres lever de soleil heads boot to thoughts … Continue reading

Tonight: the sequel to the prequel

That’s to be thus|: French – side release in France of ‘Hired Gun’ ‘la Founteine no no ‘Le Fontania’ bar & tabac 25 Rue Pierre Fontaine Paris Tonight Gonna play about 10.00pm Free entry for ballerinas All others €10 which … Continue reading

store st blues

circa 2008?

Marriage of Heaven and Hell

It occurred to me , as I sat awake, gawping mostly at nothing, but for a while at the the unfathomable pitilesness of the old man with the cruel heart who kicked a tramps dog in the head below my … Continue reading

apres le deluge, Rodders

Further to my rather personal _more to the point informative and personal _ post ….. there some awkward moments just about due to be cued up and played out, or at least, i anticipate some….   perhaps its all in … Continue reading

announcement regarding management

  Andy Boyd and Adrian Hunter are no longer representing my professional interests.   the future is uncertain – [and progression is not possible without deviation of the norm – this is not from me, its from Zappa, via Cyril … Continue reading

Shows tonight and tomorrow night in a small tabac in Pigalle

its the tabac next to the Nouvelle Eve,

at last

labellive spread we’ll call it   not I use THEM very often. I’m hardly an environmentalist butbut thats just not true       scraps here and there and then whallop Anyway……. Drew has just returned to London after a … Continue reading

Peter Doherty performances at The Torriano in Kentish Town

Peter is in London and will be performing twice on Sunday 27th January, a matinee performance at 3pm and again in the evening at 8pm. Tickets are limited, just 50 available for each show, available on a first come basis. … Continue reading

“talent borrows, genius steals” – Oscar Wilde “John Lennon’s a thieving scouser” Herman Hesse’s ghost

  I’m making time in a roaring furnace tender joy floods through my arteries when I think of the ecstasy of life   despite the rotten – really, the rotten, ill, prang – ROTTON ILL PRANG – despite that, I … Continue reading

wake up, wake up you Eraserhead sleepyhead

  just slept 25 hours straight/ Rip van WinkelvMagregor   Dreamt of chasnDave, scottish fans drinking in a beer tent in Haggerston. A housing estate in Islington. waiting in a side street outside 1960′s goodison Park. then suddenly a massive … Continue reading

Gens qui…

Gens qui.. gens qui…. people who have a car? they can lend me? I want to see Noel Gallaghers last european show with the high flying birds……..tonight in Toulouse… my mate is with me and is fully licensed-up etc…. if … Continue reading

An ironic parody of purgatory

I think of you again with your glassy eyes Back there again. An endless spiral of sweaty steps To counter act the poison. I’ve seen you Rattling around your cabin An ironic parody of purgatory Questioning your soul See- sawing … Continue reading

Where it all began  

stripping the rose of the fierce winds

is like releasing a thousand prisoners into sudden tumultuous, orgasmic {release] hold your breath gentle reader, hold it hold it hooooold it………… why tears  like burst dams tear down my face nd here like the first man i steer ’round … Continue reading

aaPrescription: A walk on Hampstead Heath

As the branches breathe Through the blackened veins Of my thorney existance I see… Skeletal etchings of those faceless wonders Who wandered here before All remains, their lonely souls Whispering in the winds ……………

An ol one for the Parisians

A lonely lover lays upon the River Seine He whistles ‘Its so empty here, without a somebody to blame’ And the dark ladies in their lipstick Listen to their cigarettes ‘But I’m here still alone- don’t forget’ Perhaps the sky’s … Continue reading

pote wrote to a flying muse

the camden town adversemental hideout, where LonelyVillein and the Dog torment themselves with the sight of each other,., was cleaner than usual.. or was it just barer? The place has, i fancy, muffled the light of its last weekend. very … Continue reading

ideeas’ere’y'are baddlydaddlydidya ruin it?

hieightvale walloper hitsill hitsillAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYou silly fuck hitsvillian hitsvile been so wrong each day dull old sallow grave shallow flamelicked pot of thicklysickly swag chuck in 5 bags wallop senses retreat from the mean and vibrant, the scene is wideopen private … Continue reading

wallopers/ be arranged : al that coming together, rer ter ter

nother’ranged see – listen to mannered men studied in deception i am my only mothers son and a flustered one flagged mind down thinking back would that i had your poise but so awkward in mind no use hiding away … Continue reading

A muse to a dying poet (part 2)

Who ever said it was written in the stars Tonight it’s written on his feet An invisible map Points to where lovers meet Lines fading fast Ink running past Tears on the pavement Stumble upon a A conversation between An … Continue reading

Fiction – think to fix him like a glove ripped 43days ago 3rd November

There.. That was easy enough.. Ok I’m on my way.. well I’m in a taxi.. do you live in a hotel? the driver seems to think so .. No a building, its just before the hotel your English is getting … Continue reading


I just dreamt I was in my senseless adelphi tipat the time  “Scarcely sixteen ” said the interested eye-sore of a slutasked And i in turn asked about the word “scarcely” and i was put in a clock’s way already … Continue reading

oh behave..behive

Long lost night Long lost love Last stop… A meeting. Long over due So there he stood, a dark figure in the door way His silhouette so familiar She ran to him in her broken behive Into his forbidden arms … Continue reading


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demo on chewyube WillesdenHarlesdenborders/ soul’shotcoals note to Peter: redo vocals on chorus ‘only love can heal the sickness of celebrity…’

demo engineered/produced by AdemHilmi[see photo] trasckwrit’dby Suzi Martin/PDoherty

alliances, subSPIT IT OUT

20110404 171242 20111103 063356 20111102 102755 ever give in note awry01 spitiout parachute with me into paranoia (they give abouyt a secondf away elspeth?upstairs? unbleivable i thought hed finaslly lost it and the ‘wallop’ jana? my moonkissed seaside salt and … Continue reading

the blank space looked like it was burnt on

coulditbearrangedtickerswung thhrough incredibly good intentions even picking up dropped h ‘s these days french/cockney alliances in the war on gobsput speech the shapes of all the lips, w=a=yaa beautiful lines mouths that pout psmile spit scream shush sh sounds sho … Continue reading


God i remember the many disastrous (sometimes wildly unsuccessful) attempts to get to Stoke, to Hanley..
Continue reading

back on the road – back online

Sour the trace of memories: The Rape Suite ,

And the clear bias against the Police force, who entered the night, the flat, the motherfucking dragon that was the story – a story sadly so true  - up until now. Dragons of course being extremely destructive, monstrous, sickening to … Continue reading

“The RapeSuite this way, er.. sir….” look at me like a i dont know what and direct me to , jesus, a door up the stairs saying ‘Rape Suite’ on the door..

r, lower and diagonal flats Continue reading

ok updates..

no mixed feelings.. Passion is absolute, and ever so pure. at the paroxysm of the sub -lime fascinated by the strength of her own texts, by the desperate beauty by the depth and maturity and as for me: she says: … Continue reading

walking 2 paces behind myself at the soundcheck.

Feeling superstitious, as ever I am: as i ever are am <?> Luckily i cant tell the difference betwene crows, blackbirds, magpies and the like but upon seeing pennies all fall out about and in my deranged pile of cases … Continue reading

right lets see how we get on.. with honesty I mean

what do you lot think? should i make up for this vast, vacant- lost, Elastic is snapped back and we scrape something or other [lethargy, sloth, creamcrackerdness in general] off of the moleski  cover we se what went through a … Continue reading

for all of the none listed above

but but vacancy ..please sarah [and all confident young literary tigresses raring to flash their credentials] feel free in yourself to have a pop. but really can you mimic this, ready, catch!….: the heartfelt, creepy melt down the thin walls … Continue reading

Sir – you dishonour my family name with these fabrications

I would draw your attention to Bourg en Bresse’s premier rag – Le Progres.

Alize makes an exhibition of herself:

clutch pre-Raphaelite miniMachine, scrape greedily the lathered barrel, deeply inhale..and…[yes the phoyos are old Photo-270.jpg\of all M.W’s endless, peerless recitals of life and death in anecdotal Shambolia, the one story that i never remember the punchline/s to is the tale … Continue reading

Sylvie Get the lowdown on my Director…

Octave? Brigitte!

Today the Director had to shenann in some technical shennaigary and so for the first time in this production Charlotte and I had to appear on camera – digital and 35mm for the boffmongers amongst you, the choice yet to … Continue reading

ok, no laughing at the back

Today I had my first Waltz lesson, in preperation for the forthcoming film: ‘Confession d’un enfant du siecle’.  My character must display natural grace and poise – as was expected of a young aristocrat and dandy of 1830′s French society. I … Continue reading


finding some mental stuff as i sift through a decade of impossibly fuck’d up laptops, cassettes, dictaphones, innerlinings and dented armouredunderbellies.  i mean.. where the hell was it that we came out of a lift onto the dancefloor – to … Continue reading

re wind to slow sudds that hard’n and darken – forwards we go forwards – we hasten back

and so like a sometime ruby rind now dry and dust is made of the wet laces of  blood in time, because i cant get to you this way, I must skirt. Skate about the drifting ice. Take swipes and … Continue reading

the weight of the riddle has exhausted the cripple

the inertia has crippled conversation – the weightless lump of time and the heavy clouds of exhaust fumes [later back on my back at the dump, I’m reading through this Monsieur Pepe le Poherty and I trust that even in … Continue reading

Frowns and Pouts in Paris and London-draft1

[voice from cupboard]Fame is a food that dead men eat,— Movie on 2010-06 -29 at 15.54 I have no stomach for such meat. In little light and narrow room, They eat it in the silent tomb, With no kind voice … Continue reading

Bonjour Tristesse

Hear the cawing, crawring reminds me somewhat of the Seagullinabox that wallhadheras ‘always thought it stood for something’ etc. Someone said the bird’s name was Ali, but the bird insisted that was no name for a baby seagull.  Could have … Continue reading

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