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pote wrote to a flying muse

the camden town adversemental hideout, where LonelyVillein and the Dog torment themselves with the sight of each other,., was cleaner than usual.. or was it just barer? The place has, i fancy, muffled the light of its last weekend. very … Continue reading

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ideeas’ere’y’are baddlydaddlydidya ruin it?

hieightvale walloper hitsill hitsillAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYou silly fuck hitsvillian hitsvile been so wrong each day dull old sallow grave shallow flamelicked pot of thicklysickly swag chuck in 5 bags wallop senses retreat from the mean and vibrant, the scene is wideopen private … Continue reading

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wallopers/ be arranged : al that coming together, rer ter ter

nother’ranged see – listen to mannered men studied in deception i am my only mothers son and a flustered one flagged mind down thinking back would that i had your poise but so awkward in mind no use hiding away … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas

Hello you lot, We have been busy of late so please click on the the games consul on the home page for Peter’s manager in humorous and light hearted festive mood. Also the Art Room is now open with a … Continue reading

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A muse to a dying poet (part 2)

Who ever said it was written in the stars Tonight it’s written on his feet An invisible map Points to where lovers meet Lines fading fast Ink running past Tears on the pavement Stumble upon a A conversation between An … Continue reading

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