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“talent borrows, genius steals” – Oscar Wilde “John Lennon’s a thieving scouser” Herman Hesse’s ghost

  I’m making time in a roaring furnace tender joy floods through my arteries when I think of the ecstasy of life   despite the rotten – really, the rotten, ill, prang – ROTTON ILL PRANG – despite that, I … Continue reading

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wake up, wake up you Eraserhead sleepyhead

  just slept 25 hours straight/ Rip van WinkelvMagregor   Dreamt of chasnDave, scottish fans drinking in a beer tent in Haggerston. A housing estate in Islington. waiting in a side street outside 1960’s goodison Park. then suddenly a massive … Continue reading

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Gens qui…

Gens qui.. gens qui…. people who have a car? they can lend me? I want to see Noel Gallaghers last european show with the high flying birds……..tonight in Toulouse… my mate is with me and is fully licensed-up etc…. if … Continue reading

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