wallopers/ be arranged : al that coming together, rer ter ter


see – listen to mannered men

studied in deception

i am my only mothers son

and a flustered one

flagged mind down

thinking back

would that i had your poise

but so awkward in mind

no use hiding away pretending to be

the price of oppurtunity


jack hit the road

the road hit back

didnt half give him a whack

off his head on crack

one way or anothr

did the daily grind

see him hit the wall

scooping up shards to spit in clumps


1coulditbearranged‘music brings people together’


lamely i confess

[lame in the main

because i stress

the lameness

just as it is surmised

that only the truly wise [and highly-intellectual]

acknowledge that they are ignorant and  mentally ineffectual

so , you can track us down [each clown] and then thank us

for admitting that they are paraphrasing Mr J—-n C——-cas

i feigned a less -than cer-tain /guess at wherefr’m

the wallopers / bearranged

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2 Responses to wallopers/ be arranged : al that coming together, rer ter ter

  1. 1usasupporter says:

    Great lyrics for several songs….Wallopers/bearranged!

  2. billiella says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep with these lilting notes and words.
    Many thanks from deep in the Florida peninsula.