pote wrote to a flying muse

the camden town adversemental hideout, where LonelyVillein and the Dog torment themselves with the sight of each other,., was cleaner than usual.. or was it just barer?

The place has, i fancy, muffled the light of its last weekend. very Dickensian: evicted at christmas. Convicted and pitiless, convinced that the wits are shredded sulk threads the scenes, smiles tight and stinging. Hands shake, tremble

the only occasion it resembles is yesterday

castaway, but alas not lost or forgotten….

rocking onthe lumpy sea’s surface

the huge foaming gape of the dog’s sorroe was somehow full of the surfsea andscumflot dsam of enthused singing.

hold a chicken in trhe air and ‘sitting on the dockothe bay’Still John Robinson IAMTHERAIN’

breiflyayway aye only that

you can feel as if you’re rot in fear04 I Can’t Stand The Rain

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34 Responses to pote wrote to a flying muse

  1. The Lonely Greenoakian says:

    remember Greenock? ( the second coming).. awaiting your third return P. I promise to be of good behaviour and relatively sober this time… and defo no stage invasion.. haha.. those burly bouncers sure threw me to the dampened streets that night eh.. arse in a puddle! anyway will be seeing you again soon.


    Take Care.

  2. banannie80 says:

    Voyeurism is a strange thing indeed. I began reading, “The Books of Albion” and felt a strange pang of guilt that I had lifted these personal journals. The quality of the images are too realistic and nothing I’ve ever seen published to think otherwise. However, I powered through the guilt … I suppose the inner-voyeur took over. My new-purely selfish wish/dream would be to spend an evening with Big Eddie Beale, Little Eddie Beale, Peter Doherty, and Mary Cane-Honeysett (because she is simply the cutest and it’s my fantasy, so why not). It would be Albion meets Grey Garden or more likely Grey Gardens in Albion. I cannot begin to imagine the witty conversation and creativity that would ensue. It would be magical! Too bad this can only take place in my imagination. Unless….I worked some film magic and combined their three respective documentaries… HA, if only!

  3. Mara says:

    Peter just come back here on the blog..just talk with us, we do really miss your words..
    It’s sad…but true and by analogy truth is sad. You know what I wish for? I wish for an impromptu gig, like back in the good old days. I’m anyway coming in Brixton at the Jamm for the 2nd acoustic set. You’re a beautiful soul. x

  4. Rory says:

    I bumped into you yesterday around Camden lock and wanted to say how fantastic it was to meet you.
    I was struck and tongue tied and didn’t know quite where to start and stop. Thank you for introducing me to some of the great poets and writers. I’m a huge fan of your music and love seeing you live whenever i can: the first time was yrs back in Koko, magical night and every time since has been a treat.
    You looked really well and am sure you will have a great 2012.