An ol one for the Parisians

A lonely lover lays upon the River Seine

He whistles

‘Its so empty here, without a somebody to blame’

And the dark ladies in their lipstick

Listen to their cigarettes

‘But I’m here still alone- don’t forget’

Perhaps the sky’s are lying to the world

And I’m really…not really here

…. And the Eiffel Tower is just

An unfinished game of chess

The Gods played in Paris

K x

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7 Responses to An ol one for the Parisians

  1. julot_lunaire says:

    If, you know, your love is the glow,
    My Igloo for you,
    Breaks what you know
    Hanging the lantern
    Pissing the show
    I’ll love for you

    And all of your ( best withall)
    never mind anyone
    just let them call

    choochoo along
    tillDesmond cheers
    choo choo them all

    We’ll look what we’re seeing
    Have a good time
    Meet by the carriage
    Sendthem them the ticket

    For their Torrian tabs
    On teh Tall tall walls
    Wail for your life
    For the one that you call

    Choo choo choom into the room
    You gotta choo choom everyone
    Biscuit s for… the tall

  2. sometimes i wonder What and When is Here? then i feel scared…
    we’re full of questions coming from fears
    and we wish for the Gods to play nice with us
    can we play that game too?
    love is the answer
    anyway… a big kiss for you Peter!

  3. loved this by the way:

    Perhaps the sky’s are lying to the world
    And I’m really…not really here

  4. you make me fall in love with your language
    (mine is spanish)

  5. i know you says:

    I’m Awake.

    Of being the muppet, puppet, and a whole long string of all that
    Ramble, pamble, shamble, etc

    I’m aware
    That I have an awful lot of Guinness still in the bank –

    Which works for me, at least for now.

    Yes, I am grateful for that. I thank god for that actually.

    And you? You? Will you ever dare to come out from under the covers
    Of all that subterfuge
    And the beautiful women, oh god, the beautiful women…

    I have tried with all my last fibre of life to speak to you

    (Chess is unreal though, do you not think? Always protecting that weak fucker of a king – and yet, and yet, hang on in there long enough: a pawn could become a queen.)

  6. neila costa says:

    always had the same impression with regard to Paris.I hope you’re well.saudade.

  7. Gail says:


    If I could bring you birdsong
    If I could bring you joy and make you smile
    If I could be the wild blue hills that make your heart leap
    And your vision soar

    If I could dance with you in unbounded delight
    Under waterfalls of life
    And hold you safe through all life’s torments
    Like the calmest sea

    If I could be the earth beneath your feet

    If I could make a moment, a day
    Just bubble with laughter
    The type that you can taste, the type that makes colour alive in your mouth
    The type that fizzes
    And does not stop there

    And if even then I could be the wild, unknown terrain that so exhilarates

    If I could be a leaf that unfolds to your touch
    Finally gives up the coals
    And you to me