aaPrescription: A walk on Hampstead Heath

As the branches breathe

Through the blackened veins

Of my thorney existance

I see…

Skeletal etchings of those faceless wonders

Who wandered here before

All remains, their lonely souls

Whispering in the winds


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23 Responses to aaPrescription: A walk on Hampstead Heath

  1. des Esseintes1931 says:

    According to the great German philosopher Schopenhauer, a white squirrel, having met the gaze of a snake, hanging on a tree and showing every sign of a mighty appetite for its prey, is so terrified by this that it gradually moves toward instead of away from the snake, and finally throws itself into the open jaws . . .

    That squirrel has a point.

  2. des Esseintes1931 says:

    He had wandered from ancestral haunts of mediaeval peace into the forefront of the struggles of our day, bringing the clear, refined perceptions of old culture to the intensest vision of the modern world yet attained, but never at rest, never once grasping except on the purely aesthetic side of the significance of the new age, always haunted by the memory of the past and perpetually feeling his way back to what seems to him the home of his soul.–The fervent seeker of those early days, indeed, but a rebours!

  3. Charlotte says:


    Your new songs are honestly magical. Brilliant. You are BACK baby and BETTER THAN EVER. Thank you for being so amazing because your songs truly speak to me and your lovely fans :)

    Charlotte xxx

  4. Eva_hpd says:

    Precioso :) me encantas

  5. Nicole xx says:

    All of us shadows of what we once where

    Emaciated by years of neglect
    Devoid of ambition hope or control
    Flushing our dreams down the SMACK SHITHOLE
    We hone what we do its almost an art
    On the periphery of life but not taking part
    Contributing zero through taxes or toil
    Cant stay too long from the pin or the foil
    Forever the victims its never our fault
    Too weak with illness to call it to halt
    And so it goes for year after year
    Broken promises and the odd fake tear
    Life in chaos family despair
    None of it matters you simply dont care
    Its costing you everything still it isnt enough
    Cant find the word.NO!TO THE DEVILS DANDRUFF
    You hit rock bottom then slide some more
    But youre seeking help yet just another score
    When enough is enough and its help you seek
    Pray you find strength as you will fail if youre weak
    Through gritted teeth and determination
    You can overcome this self deprivation
    Believe in yourself say yes i can!
    Im on the road to recovery to be a better person
    Im reclaiming my future moving on from the past
    Rebuilding bridges i burned so fast
    Stepping out of the darkness and into the light
    Its still early days yet but im winning the fight
    Believe in yourself say yes i can
    Im on the road to recovery to be a better girl
    Im reclaiming my future moving on from the past
    Rebuilding bridges

  6. mojorisin says:

    Sirens, pushers, Camden fucking town
    Punks and drunks and that silly greek c*nt
    Ugly crowds and its too fucking loud
    At least its quite round on Hampstead Heath

    This is my bench, is he gonna fucking move?
    London looks pretty from up here, nice view
    Staring at our old apartment I never see you
    Its lonely up here on Hampstead Heath

    The wind whistles through the naked trees
    Sometimes it speaks to me, I can hear you say “I love you”
    I want to cry, my tears are frozen
    Its cold out here on Hampstead Heath

  7. kimberleena says:

    Hampstead Heath
    My love affair begins
    As I walk through your gates
    Your gentle breeze lulls me in

    Seductively unbuttoning your shirt
    Shedding your leaves
    To reveal you bare
    My heart, my soul, my love lives there

    I wait for you on the bench
    You always come
    Play a while
    Dance with me when I am down

    Hampstead Heath
    You are my man

    Hampstead Heath
    You are my man
    Stay a while
    My mood is changing

    • kimberleena says:

      Edited first verse

      Hampstead Heath
      Your gentle breeze lulls me in
      As I walk through your gates
      Our love affair begins…

  8. mojorisin says:

    Here I lay my soul to bare
    Emptying my head of everything and nothing
    Passing time, much like before but less destructive
    This is my drug now.

    I still stare at you like I used to
    Can you hear me when I talk to you…..when I scream for you
    My blackened heart is warm again, pining for you
    Weary eyed and bleary eyed I still cry for you
    Rivers cascade down my sorry face
    My tears will never dry without you

    New love grows on trees???
    Not ’round here Pete.

  9. The Lonely Greenoakian says:

    I am but a cloud,

    endlessly wandering in lonliness,

    strolling the empty streets as the rain falls from darkened skies,

    my mind wanders just as much as my feet,

    staggering through the dirt and filth that i forever find myself coming across.

    it was said that ” each man kills the things they love”,

    i continiually obliterate all that i cherish dearly,

    melancholy is now, not just an emotion,

    but a lifestyle that i have unwillingly adopted.

    • The Lonely Greenoakian says:

      you never loved me from the start
      your stabbed me in my broken heart
      and your tears so fake
      the real ones have run too late
      so forgive me my love
      and smile at the sunshine above
      a new day is dawning
      a new dawn for us

      its now that i must calmly leave
      a long lost love is calling me
      shes standing by a river
      we will stand there alone but together
      so wave your hand and wish me well
      ill wave goodbye a fond farewell
      a new day is dawning
      a beautiful dawn for us

  10. kimberleena says:

    I did put this up a while back when I first joined albion rooms- but it disappeared. ..

    The boy who lived around the corner

    He had big blue eyes and wore a Stetson hat

    I fell hard for him

    He had the world at his feet

    I met him by the rum shack

    A tipple of rum on a Tuesday

    I watched his eyes, his figure

    As his hands danced with mine

    Grafter’s in the day

    We were lovers by night

    With the streets as our playground

    In bed we’d kiss and fight.

    He was androgynous,

    A walking contradiction

    Dressed in turquoise rings

    He was my brother, friend and lover.

  11. OceansAndOceansOfLoveAndDevotion says:

    I wish I could say beautiful wor(l)ds but I can’t. J

  12. iolanda says:


  13. i know you says:


    I don’t think there was ever any second-guessing about here previous
    For either of us
    It just got fucked-up and mad
    But I’ve looked madness, true madness, in the face, so
    In truth, after that nothing really matters.

    I think, I think I’ve watched you duck and dive, and my god you are good.
    I think you’ve had a lot of practice
    But my god you are good.

    I could do this forever, and if you don’t exit then I truly might.

    I really try to think about you though; actually I try to do that as much as I can

    But if you just keep yelling your disinterest, trust me, that will not work.
    Just stop.
    It will take some time and yes, it will be messy. But it will work.

    I don’t know what I want either.

    If you think you might want anything different:
    Trust your judgement.

    • kimberleena says:

      OK- I give up. Who are you? I know you

      • Gail says:

        I’m really sorry because I think I’ve caused unneccessary confusion – I drink a lot and I write, kind of, to Peter, although at the end of the day, poetry, writing, it’s sort of open-ended, I think, I feel – so – whatever! I’m not someone you know, my name is Gail, I post under that name also, as well as ‘i know you’. I have found this site a bit confusing of late, so have made some mistakes, and I’m really sorry if that has had a knock-on effect in terms of confusing you also!
        I think your writing is truly beautiful, and I liked the Hampstead Heath from yesterday a great deal. I hope we will hear more from you!
        Best, Gail x

  14. neila costa says:

    Senti uma ponta de melancolia,é efeito de Paris,isso passa,é só hoje.

  15. Gail says:

    I have not yet walked ever through Hampstead Heath
    Maybe one day
    My old supervisor does it often, and truly loves, I believe.
    From you, though, it sounds so sad, almost desolate.
    There is so much loss.

    I think that there is so much loss for you.

    I dream that in a few years time you will look back at that and find it frankly incomprehensible. Like you could not even imagine from then to that.

    I know that you still have hope
    And I dream it for you, that future, that life that you never believed you deserved

    Be safe x