aaPrescription: A walk on Hampstead Heath

As the branches breathe

Through the blackened veins

Of my thorney existance

I see…

Skeletal etchings of those faceless wonders

Who wandered here before

All remains, their lonely souls

Whispering in the winds


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23 Responses to aaPrescription: A walk on Hampstead Heath

  1. des Esseintes1931 says:

    According to the great German philosopher Schopenhauer, a white squirrel, having met the gaze of a snake, hanging on a tree and showing every sign of a mighty appetite for its prey, is so terrified by this that it gradually moves toward instead of away from the snake, and finally throws itself into the open jaws . . .

    That squirrel has a point.

  2. des Esseintes1931 says:

    He had wandered from ancestral haunts of mediaeval peace into the forefront of the struggles of our day, bringing the clear, refined perceptions of old culture to the intensest vision of the modern world yet attained, but never at rest, never once grasping except on the purely aesthetic side of the significance of the new age, always haunted by the memory of the past and perpetually feeling his way back to what seems to him the home of his soul.–The fervent seeker of those early days, indeed, but a rebours!

  3. Charlotte says:


    Your new songs are honestly magical. Brilliant. You are BACK baby and BETTER THAN EVER. Thank you for being so amazing because your songs truly speak to me and your lovely fans :)

    Charlotte xxx