Gens qui…

Gens qui..

gens qui….

people who have a car? they can lend me? I want to see Noel Gallaghers last european show with the high flying birds……..tonight in Toulouse…

my mate is with me and is fully licensed-up etc….

if you can lend me a car, I’m in Paris(nr Metro Villiers\Rome)

phone 0033 625914014

the train is out of the question. I am currently in discussion with SNCF regarding my accountability for a missing trolley-load of staff uniforms(gaberdine wool mind you), cold meats, cutlery

soggy is the papermache coating the inside of body armour

           is softening from hard to to harmless with the rain made rust

streaks of red and long runs of crystalized orange flake

MissWang’s revelations lead us bright eyed and dear oh dear eyeful-o-thatol’devil Luuuurv [coz yes it is true to myself that I remain when I whisper confessions - ever whimsical and wanton - to the windy wet wind - though whether the weather wants to welcome my warbled woes is, well, - 'whatever' -that winds in Paris wayfarers] the confession was that I always wanted Wang

we’ll waltz past the wasted years wanting to weigh her womb with a weight of wee’uns]

thats a crude way of saying something dreadfully lovely

although she says not

oh – now shes tricked me into letting her put her jeans back on before i even settled down to watch ‘beat the devil’

time is making all the breakneck speed collisions

padded bouncing

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  4. Manon44 says:

    Les journalistes n’ont-ils que ça à faire ?? Cet article est juste…inutile ^^
    Des centaines de personnes co-voiturent tous les jours en France et il suffit d’un post demandant un arrangement pour un trajet de la part de Peter pour en faire la critique… Mouais.

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  6. julie says:

    Godamn, I was in Toulouse last week and I saw Noel Gallagher! Le Bikini is a nice place, the show was exellent. It’s a quite little room, with a balcony, so anywhere you are you can see the scene, and Noel could talk to the audience. It would have been perfect if you were here, the best show I’d ever seen.
    Sorry, if I’ve seen it before maybe I’d try to make you see that.
    My english is too bad, i’m french.
    Anyway, I hope you’ll come to play at Le Bikini, I missed the latest show.

  7. Manon44 says:

    Nouvelle sur ce site, je découvre de superbes textes =)
    C’est vraiment cool ici… Malgré le fait que tout soit “In English” ^^
    Je voulais savoir s’il y a une adresse à laquelle on peut envoyer des courriers à Peter en France (boite postale ou quoi) ?
    Have a good day ! ;-)

  8. Blue Crow says:

    are you basically, in the end, very tantalising as it is, a person who courts but doesn’t be there?
    i wouldnt scope you for that, even if you are.
    i’m naturally curious, but yeah

  9. Estelle says:

    Hey Peter,
    It’s been a while since you didn’t come in Switzerland! We hope to see you soon! :)

  10. CleaB says:

    Next time you’re in a spot of car bother, you can always get a ride through car sharing platforms like Here are some lifts from Paris to Toulouse:


  11. Carpooling-FR says:

    Hey Pete !!

    You could have looked at our carpooling offers here from Paris to Toulouse :

    For next time, feel free to create your own account and offer…

    Best regards from team !

  12. Assol says:

    Wow, it turns out I stayed literally two steps away from Peter in Paris last week, between St.Georges and The Clichy. Of special note it’s a loverrrly area, one day I know I’ll step it’s streets again! Btw we had a car and the guys from NGHFB (either eager fans in shirts with the band’s name) stayed in the same hotel with us. Anyway it wouldn’t work out cause on the 12th we were already in Amsterdam. Hope Peter you finally made it to Toulouse. Remembering of the Gallagher brothers last year I bumped into Liam in one dingy bar in Moscow and confused him with Noel, now that was an epic fail ) Have a nice day!

  13. des Esseintes1931 says:

    A libertine makes the front pages in America–he says that the French are criminalizing lust. His defense: he is only participating in the 16th-century French tradition of “Libertinage.” Another adds that “Libertines are people like you and me; people who have a normal life.” Vive la tradition!


  14. hi! i m from Argentina, how are you?

  15. judebutterfly says:

    so finally did you manage to go and watch the show? How was it?

  16. francy77 says:

    Ehy boy:) did you found a way to go? Hoping so..have a nice
    Night , I’m falling asleep! Please , sorry If I speak
    To you friendly, but since I met you I have the
    Real impression to have something that our souls
    Already met I don’t know where why and don’t understand
    This strange feeling about your inner side!
    I am sure we are in connection since a millennium
    And I don’t know why! Anyway, if you need a car when you
    Will come back in Italy , mine is yours! Goodnight old soul!

  17. neila costa says:

    Peter is back,

    Eu ja estava com saudade.

    Better stay away from train.

    Sinto muito,nao vou esmprestar meu carro.

    TE AMO,Peter.

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  19. i know you says:

    Hello Peter

    I hope you made it to see Noel Gallagher – but really, could he not have sent a limo or something?? Shame on him!! Seriously, though, I do hope you managed to get there – I’m sure it was a great night.

    You write such incredible words – almost, almost fathomable, yet never quite. I have always loved that – all my life – why do you think I loved Burroughs??!! Extraordinary, astonishing language – bizarrely it was always first the language with Burroughs for me, a total irony really given what he was trying to do with it – but I didn’t know anything remotely about that when I first picked him up, you know? I was 19 – came to him by way of Jim Morrison actually – everyone always embarrassed for me and almost cringing into the floor when I say that, but nope, I don’t feel that – Jim Morrison was sharp and anyway, who basically cares how you found something, as long as you did? Ultimately.

    Do you remember that skating on the rim of the world thing I wrote once, anyway, it’s like that now. Like an absolute thwack and punch thump to the heart. Like being hit, really, sailing across the room before you truly got what happened at all. And all that was ever in my head every time, just: fuck, you really do forget the unbelievable extraordinary force of a punch. How do you forget it? But yes, you do. Theories abound, or at least have done, as to whether I inadvertently have used/even still do use other people as an externalised form of self-harm. I personally think I probably in my own way would just have liked to have kicked my Dad in the head with a stiletto. Hard. Particularly if he had not been so frightening. So/And yes, I get what they mean. Playing it all out, over and over and over. I mean, and what for, at the end of the day? Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I am saying?

    I think today so much how you are like for people like me as in what I wrote back then, the Mona Lisa that everyone wants to think looks at them – Fucking fame eh?! I wonder if you’d choose it again. And I almost despite wanting it, always wanting it, never really ever have believed or do believe it that you do look, but yet I know on some level that of course you must do. I mean, you must do. It hurts to be excised, for what it’s worth, and it really hurts, it takes your breath out of you in truth, but I also oddly feel jump-started. Perhaps this is just the stuff that the shrinks always said: you (as in: me) (although as in you too, I wonder, sometimes, perhaps?) want deep down to be hurt, you want to be rejected, even as you don’t want it at all, don’t want it remotely. What do you think? I think with me it’s probably generally: if I can show you my worst side would you still be there? I know I wrote shitloads of stuff to you about the worst that I can be. And I also wrote shitloads of stuff to you that was just off the cuff, but isn’t a side of me that anyone likes. Anyway. Enough pop psychology. I’d like you to like me, basically, because I like you.

    Soggy is the papier-mâché coating the inside of body armour spoke to me. That’s true. How you can do that, how you can hold up the mirror to someone without even meaning to, how you enable people to express themselves truly and be free, or at least as free as is possible, I just don’t know. But thank you.

    I’m trying to out-run grief, I know it. I don’t anticipate that anyone believes I really can and it might not be a good thing even to try, but at the moment I know it’s the right thing, even perhaps the only thing, for me to do. Because I’m still in the water, and I still feel the chain around my foot. You forget so easily, but I still have enough memory of being under the water. It was astonishingly calm, and I would not have minded at all, because I didn’t care. And I wouldn’t care even now, if that’s what had happened. But when you do start breathing, you truly don’t want to go back there. Well, actually, it wouldn’t really matter too much even now, if I can say that, and which helps, but still I do really fucking resist this fucking chain around my foot! Get off!! So. There it is.

    The funeral’s on 23rd, I don’t know why it’s so long, but it is, so guttedly Nambucca seems now to be out of the picture. I’m sad about that, but I hope I will get to see you play again some other day. You will get the money anyway. Can I send you my pictures from Norway?

    Gail x

    PS: Here’s my favourite from Burroughs, I don’t think it matters how many times indeed years you read it, it always makes a smile! Good old Burroughs!

    “The lavatory has been locked for three hours solid . . . . I think they are using it for an operating room . . . .

    Sorry, can’t type it now – I just hope you will know what I mean! x

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  21. Halalbion says:

    Peter whilst this is no help with a car nor the captivating misswang , but do you have a clue on your album and also if you would ever tour New Zealand there is never any good musicians here aside from Noel Gallagher who’s coming here soon i think so infact if you missed his last European gig come watch him in NZ, From a loyal as ever if not frustrated fan cheers

  22. kajafolk8 says:

    Oh I would love to see Noel live. At least You ‘ve had a chance to see Oasis live. I haven’t as I’ve been in London just 2 years (I am from Poland by the way:P )

    I wanted to ask as well if there is any chance to send You my poetry and lyrics?
    here’s a couple of my videos (pretty shitrecorded but still:) )

  23. francy77 says:

    I would sincerely lend my car to you, but i’m in italy! So it’s impossible…. Hope you’ll find some way to go..! Bonne chance!!!!!!!! I would come too if I only it was possible! That’s the life, folks! Love, Francy

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  25. stephendale says:

    I’ll av a uniform if you’re selling them ;)

  26. oniseljada says:

    écris!! et les journées ont un sens…

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