wake up, wake up you Eraserhead sleepyhead


just slept 25 hours straight/ Rip van WinkelvMagregor


Dreamt of chasnDave, scottish fans drinking in a beer tent in Haggerston. A housing estate in Islington. waiting in a side street outside 1960’s goodison Park. then suddenly a massive crowd emerges and i’m with an oldSchool footballer in big shorts. something happens.


The mob. Colleoni’s men at Brighton Races. southAmerican moshpits. 




when I have slept so deeply, for so long, I find that I walk really oddly. Heavy, waterlogged feet. I trundle down the dimly lit corridor , always occurs to me I’m walking like the guy in ‘Sean of the dead’ when he first wakes up. Think of Hounslow, CarlBarat, my sister,


losing virginity on a patch of wasteland, the girl flashing to taxi drivers, carry on films hilarity.


Hancock’s morbid expression.


back in reality:


Have a Granadine water with ice, a bit of cheese. rice cake. Still half asleep, nearly pour grenadine water on rice cake. This isnt my favourite brand. too sickly.


Theres no food really, no brandy


cold red wine


where did  hide everything I neeed


to return to oz.


Sit on my bed, on my clean newly purchased sheets. Think about  thoughts.


what is to be done?


THink hard – Stephen Street is coming to Paris. I have just today to organize my new ideas for his perusal. where has the summer gone? where is autumn going?


my dreams are swimming around my head, dangerously close to the plughole.


more of the dream comes back:Being an english student at a california iuniversity Carl had the room before me. Left some drugs there. I am outside. A motorbike gang of black gangbangers are watching rivals. They have a rocket launcher. I am breaking up a slab of blue crystal meth a la Breaking Bad.


I have a motorbike too, a massive fucking beast of a bike. I pull a wheelie and rob a bank and dodge some bullets.




Back at the university I make some new friends and they tell me that all their parents have luxury homes, but their knowledge of european history is not sophisticated. The fridges are packed with frozen meals and each dormitory has a small bar with fairy lights.


Earlier in the dream I am at a car boot sale. I meet a girl who takes me home to her dad’s council flat in Coventry or Nottingham. He has one arm.


I ask why he was selling all his VHS tapes and cassettes -nhe explains that they belonged to his estranged wife who got all the kids addicted to gear. then when they were clucking she gave them a huge hit of crystal meth, He said that when they had an early night feeling shit it gave them a true understanding of what it was to be working class. I look out the window across the estate and observe the crowded but clean blocks of flats.


The father has a friend who is there a lot of the time. they go on hikes together.




[dreamworld in italics]


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25 Responses to wake up, wake up you Eraserhead sleepyhead

  1. dea vekua says:

    I think I have a better dreams,you’re in them too:)

  2. alright duck says:

    after riding a motorbike with my eyes shut and stealing some cars the next night in my dreams last week i was bl**dy knackered when i woke up you must have been exhausted! Thats what going to see james bond does for you or it may just be supressed memories from my time growing up in stoke!

  3. Gail says:

    Hello Lovely
    Sleep – sleep and curl up in these cold chilly days into a snug warm blanket – plus, an incredibly wonderful cat! Sleep is AWESOME = the best!
    I love you
    Gail x

  4. bsmith says:

    Dreams are powerul..I think we underestimate the power of our minds…dreams make me think of hieroglyphics of your subconscious…..so many thoughts to decipher which to the conscious mind seems like complete nonsense…but there’s some reason be what it may for your subconscious bringing so much to your awareness….you have a beautiful mind :-) Wish you would come to the States to tour so much respect and adoration for you Peter :-)

  5. valentina says:

    I love the way you write!! :)

  6. naty20 says:

    Oh Pete I love you so much :) :-*

  7. lomographic says:

    there’s a quote something like, “you, by being yourself, unknowingly give others the freedom to be themselves.”

  8. Blue Crow says:

    Hello Beautiful

    I had a dream a few days back, I dreamed about You! (Believe it or not, this is actually very unusual as I barely ever dream about you – I know, it surprises me too!!!!) You hugged me. That’s it. Best dream I’ve had in years.

    Thank you x