“talent borrows, genius steals” – Oscar Wilde “John Lennon’s a thieving scouser” Herman Hesse’s ghost


I’m making time in a roaring furnace

tender joy floods through my arteries when I think of the ecstasy of life


despite the rotten – really, the rotten, ill, prang -

ROTTON ILL PRANG – despite that, I know – and indubitably – that I am in love with life….


the thirst can be quenched?


yes yes yes


the soul’s tender fire;

born towards us from the past: the words that were here and there useless

coming at us from the past : words that are perhaps not arrogant enough to describe happiness, a peniscok

touch and go it can be

as to whether theres a place on the lifeboat for poetry

but then it ends up a no-brainerler  la le la


and and and -

something I was agog to understand

re-reading Herman Hesse

I have a dead scouser’s scrumping to confesse……..


the lyrics – or many of them – to Imagine by his nibs……Mister John Lennon MBE – are purloined from Herman Hesse.

Is this commomn knowledge and muggins here is as usual the last to know>?







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67 Responses to “talent borrows, genius steals” – Oscar Wilde “John Lennon’s a thieving scouser” Herman Hesse’s ghost

  1. Washedupwife says:

    Dear Peter,

    I recently stumbled across your blog after reading the interview you did with The Guardian in Paris. Loved it. I used to listen to your stuff a lot when I was using. I also got on Subutex but recently started up again so of course you crept back in. I feel that we are some sort of kindred spirits, which I know is completely ridiculous but love to cultivate this idea anyway (I have the ‘tite chien Francais tattooed on my wrist).

    Hope February finds you well,

  2. Gail says:

    Hello Peter

    I just wanted to say that I hope with all my heart that you are alright and happy, and also that you just made so much of 2012 so incredible for me – and thank you!!!

    Your amazing exhibition, which just came at me out of the blue and – well, I have told you; seeing you at Brixton Jamm (WOW!!) the live auction (and thank you beyond words for doing that, for making that actually possible) where I ended up and I still to this day can’t believe it! – really and for fucking real owning Joe Toe Cock!!!!! I can still remember to the second when the hammer fell and the guy looked up at the feed for the internet which I was watching – and it was … me!!!!! It was beyond anything!!! It was the picture I most wanted of everything that was on sale (the Blinding was my total favourite, I got a print – and I am glad you kept that, it is incredible, I often think you have become good at letting go, which I am not at all, but I also hope you will keep what you really love forever) AND (I never told you this) also I became the custodian of your beautiful crows – I keep and keep trying to photograph them in a way that it will work, haven’t got there yet, but I will persist! Of course! I did wonder when I watched the film when you are with the crow if you thought of them then – well, I guess I will never know! They are so beautiful. And believe me, I will take incredible care of them. And of course, at last, at last, to see Confession – finally! – and also frankly for me, to see it like that, right in amongst the press, was quite extraordinary! You were simply astonishing, Peter.

    You have been amazing this past year, you are always uplifting and inspiring, but this year you have been incredible. Here’s to 2013 – I just know it will be a great year for you!

    I love you to bits
    Gail x

  3. absentee says:

    hell with everything, might as well try this. I would like it if you emailed me at absentee71@gmail.com
    Not only I would like it, I would love it.
    I just got your books of albion. Inspiring and beautiful.
    Will always hope for that one email
    much love xx

  4. Gail says:

    Happy New Year Beautiful man – I hope that 2013 brings you all that you could ever hope for and more. Lots of love, Gail xxx

  5. neila costa says:

    Querido Peter,parabéns pelo show de ontem,foi maravilhoso. beijos.

    TE AMO.

  6. 1usasupporter says:

    This time go to Amsterdam Teen Challenge it will work for you!

  7. julot_lunaire says:

    Merry Christmas Peter! All my apologies also, for being an insensitive prick at times. You do not deserve that, and I ought to know better than letting myself go on a friend, any friend, and on you as though you were a person in stocks to hurl ill-informed abuse at, when you most certainly are not, and mean so much more than that to me. When the air is full of you, and my heart, then all is fine. The year has been very packed and sometimes worryingly intense, though it all seems to work towards a wonderous end. There are many moments when the joy of companionship is felt, though not physically; there is always a moral relief and ecstasy at knowing that somewhere is a man that understands the wreck of landing at the bottom of that guideless pit; knowing what can be done to reassert, come out humble and cowed to life’s ever more detailed mirage and invisible way. I really hope that you are well, and coming into something you want above all; of freedom and of love.

    • julot_lunaire says:

      Through lost channel re-junctured, a bit of fuckery, and a bit of love I’ve met up with the friend that I fucked under the Geography mobile home in the school I was sent to after I got kicked -out of the Lycée.

      She has managed the Spice Girls, Annie Lennox, Simon Fuller, Simon Fuller, and the Silver Monkeys or whatever. Basically I told her about you and upon my directions, and because she is soon moving to her family chateau in France. she will help you, though I reckon she will help you to find the meaning of what-fuck.
      Her name is Camilla Howarth, and she will meet you in Paris or Bordeaux if you take a hotel for 2 nights there. We are dealing with the same thing: nominally getting back to producing great tracks, and getting a grip, and I have absolutely made her take a vow not to do serious mind boggling harnesses, because I honestly think that it’s a waste of time and that love don’t need it beyond the fun.
      She will not take any shit from you, although I have told her that you are a straight -up sort of person in my experience. She knows that I love you. If you want to take-up on this please email camillahowarth@mac.com . She WILL help you and she’s a fuckworth, though piss her off twice and you won’t be.
      Do this, my Soul dredging friend, for all, and love,

  8. harrietrose says:

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Peter.

  9. julot_lunaire says:

    Can you say which book/ books he took the lyrics from? Siddharta? ( What drunkard made me write last night… )

    • julot_lunaire says:

      you are obviously right, i’d seen something like that too in the days of wonder and without internet. Can’t remember. Glass bead game sounds like a poss, although u will get on the wrong side of Nioko by doing that discredit. The nibs MBE stylee was proof of monumentous charlatanism for the sake of taking it out of possible okness.

  10. harrietrose says:

    Hello Peter,
    I would love to write to you however I have no address to send it to. I would just write to you on here but there are some things I’d rather to write to you about personally. There is lots id like to tell you.

    Perhaps you could email me? Harriet.rose.a@hotmail.co.uk

    That really would make me very happy.

    Love always, Harriet x

  11. neila costa says:

    Dude seriously worry about his absences.

    I imagine a thousand things.

    And I think you’re right

    With his real life

    But nobody said it would be easy.

    And we keep trying.

    I liked the red socks.


    Meu coração esta com voce.

  12. neila costa says:

    Hey Peter.

    Muito boa a entrevista na revista outro dia,saudade de voce, estou ansiosa com o show dia 28,boa sorte.

  13. Kane says:

    “Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.”

  14. lilybean says:

    hello stranger…
    i was very exited and happy to see you on the cover of the guardian magazine thing at work today and the interview was lovely, nice to see in the world, unexpected, inspired me to write to tell you, it brightened up my day. some times i feel like you are a mythical creature, but you really exist i just haven’t met you. i’m quite cold but i’ve got 2 new cds today witch is euphoric anticipation and amazement, (Melody’s Echo Chamber & Liars 6th album – WIXIW).
    there’s so much i could say to you but i’m a bit shy and confused, i don’t know what’s most important ? like don’t worry i believe that you are ok and you’re gonna be ok, you can fix your body and your mind, you’re still worthy of health and beauty, you deserve eternal love and kindness.
    it is better, (not being stoned, because i decided, and feel more free, achieving something i wanted to do) but takes a long time and happens so slowly you might not notice, i don’t know i’m just guessing, different things might be similar in other peoples lives. life is still the same, just with no way of escaping, numbing, hiding, i just have too take things as they come and let them pass. try to accept and let go. same but different.
    you’re gonna have to be sharp to keep up with all these young new musicians, and i say that in the fondest, most supportive lighthearted way. ! the abundant exuberant brilliant mesmerizing music of recent times.. you will always be my favorite though, i have a fierce loyalty, a deep impression made on me, a curious protectiveness and empathy. i get carried away and cant express what i mean very well. i like to read your writings, captivating and mysterious, and all the replying people who seem very interesting, delicate, strangely familiar. yes i am sort of obsessed and in love but it feels good and comes in waves..
    there is more to say here but i’ve got to go as is not my computer and just rambling pointlessly anyway. this is very brave of me to send coz i’m not sure of all it.
    take care, byyyyyeeee :) x

    • julot_lunaire says:

      Xerox bayatch you make too human th rest of the human pee: https://soundcloud.com/thorntonpie/la-la-lleee-peter

      • lilybean says:

        its a nice bit of guitar and voice. but What ? ! Xerox=photocopy? , and then i have no idea how to interpret these words sorry. were they aimed at me and typo? , if i knew you id say whatchonabot hm?. im here and im quite drunk sort of half drunk ish and ive got my tea and spliff. so ithort id ask incase i get an answer. ive just thort the words curious and curiouser in my head many times so they lost meaning.almost. :) x

        • lilybean says:

          also yer blues, witch means yer bean, (bean meaning friend,etc) ina kind of yer bluesy way. but : yer blues, i watched ‘confession of a child of the century’ (online, not cinema – that wouldve been awkward! lol) and i thort it was lovely, lost myself in it for a while, worth more than £4 really. the clothes and the story, the atmosphere, humour, horror, love, loss, oblivion, absurdity, it was all there, and beautifully presented.
          and the MelodysEchoChamber album turned out to be nice and good, and fine and dandy.
          the Liars album is dark and noisy but intriguing, surpassed expectations, wouldnt recomend unless you like they’re other albums and love they’re mentalisms, or if youre intrested in sumthing new and weird…
          ok i gota go thisis nonsensical. sweet dreams to all members of the albion (not that its a cult or anything) ez byee xx

    • Hey Peter!
      TO:Peter d. FROM:Lucy in the sky aka liz rockhard radio chickadee austin-houston,texas

      wuzzup wuzzup? im an on air personality/traffic and news reporter in radio out of austin and houston tx more commonly known as “Lucy in the Sky” for clear channel radio in austin,texas and aka “Liz Rockhard” in houston tx with the outlaw dave show the rock jock 103.7kiol bfr it went off air. ive been in radio 16 yrs now and am currently modeling and working to promote bands. luv ur site. so tell me how is it i can’t even see u perform…hmmm….u need to come to texas. i emailed ur manager. u never respond to twitter i guess and facebook. my facebook page is facebook.com/lizzips. have u ever toured in the u.s. just wonderin. i play acoustic guitar and am a singer songwriter, i paint(Inspired byPollock) and write poetry. ok gotta go but send me an email or sumthin at lucyintheskyradiogal1@gmail.com and lemme kno if i can help promote u in someway. i want to see if u could do sum interviews in austin and houston w. outlaw dave the veteran rock dj who is a friend of mine and i worked with him. gotta go. u are so hard 2 get ahold of lol. now everyone can read this post for pete’s sake.

      liz lockhart
      aka lucy in the sky
      aka liz rockhard
      aka lizzzzzzzzzy

  15. arcady says:

    Dear Pete. I’m a friend of Adem Hilmi, I’m talking with him sometimes by facebook. He’s a really nice person, I’m happy that you work with him.
    I want you to know that you are very important for me. I love your music, your lyrics, you. I can’t wait for your new album and concert in Poland. Please, come.
    And could u write me a message? kiedisowa@gmail.com
    And here’s my adresse aussi: Agata Kaczorowska
    ul. Pasieczna 2/6 m1
    91-362 Łódź, Polska
    I wrote a letter for you, and I sent it to London, but probably I used a wrong adresse. Anyway, I was talking with Peter Wolfe, God bless him, lovely Wolfman. I learn french and I need someone to talk with, so.. you know.. it would be very nice to practice my french with you.

  16. Gail says:

    Hello Awesome!

    I just wanted to say that I hope you have the Best Time EVER on Monday night – ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY you special and incredible man, because you have so totally totally earned it!! WOW!! Not only have you had the courage to do something so completely different from anything you ever did before, and then utterly excelled at it, as you do with everything you put your heart and soul into, and not only (not only??!) have you had your film shortlisted at Cannes (I mean: SHORTLISTED AT CANNES!!!!!) but now … you are actually premiering at London’s very own Leicester Square!!! Did you ever remotely think when you very first went to London, and first saw Leicester Square that one day THIS might happen??? It is just fantastic!!! And you – you – have made it happen. Oh Peter, HOW I wish I could see you on the red carpet there!! I really really hope you have the absolute best night of your life!!!

    With lots and lots and lots of love
    Gail xxx

    • julot_lunaire says:

      OK, so lets low down this shit. The film is dubious though filled with you, and noone gives a shit about it. Probably it will be watched only in ice bubbles in post melinion fields when people crap in tenderness at not feeling ill. But still, it’s a massive achievement and u proud dada of making a long documentary seem like a hop in Harrow fields. No really can’t wait to see it in its entirety, though PutneyRCA don’t show it. Still who gives a shit. Am I being awful.

      • i know you says:

        Sorry for drunk dialling, if indeed it is really you. And really: sorry, truly. I’ve been aiming to stop drinking, so, well, it hasn’t worked, no big surprise there! But still, I just don’t think hope is over – and maybe I am just like that, but I don’t think that’s the worst way to be. In terms of hope of a different way I mean. I just don’t believe that to be the case – not about you, not about me, simply about real hope. Do you know what I mean?
        I am writing this wasted, sorry. It totally defeats the object, and I know that so clearly, but there it is. I wanted, it was my aim!, to try and only write this year write to you sober. Because I do know I am a different person then , and I do know that, when I don’t drink.
        I think that’s the person I’d like you to see.
        I dont’ agree with Julot at all, for the record either! Gosh he is a come in and whack you right round the head kind of a guy do you not think? He hasn’t even seen your film: do not listen to him!!! But: one day, he will. For sure, he will. I think.
        I will end this on the useless kind of crap that I say when I don’t know in the end what to say, and that’s so me. I got sectioned (that usually works) early in the new year, ended up in a police cell. It was alright, I slept through most of it. Got woken up, saw a shrink, they gave me money for the bus, and even a lift to the bus stop in Weymouth: it was, that was, more humbling and awful really actually even than when the guy called Justin scooped me off the street, and it truly was, because why would they do that for me?? Well, it’s the law, I guess, as what else would it be? It’s just – well, they were so kind, clinical naturally and detached, but yes, kind. Killer. for me!
        Sorry for calling you, but you must have known I would. You must have known that I feel.
        I saw you – really for real and in the street, I saw you, for real!, and what it felt like was beyond life, franklky, it was UNBELIEVABLE!! It was beyond anything on the planet Peter. I have an entire sober email Iam trying to write sober bout it! Hahhaha! But yes, really. It was unbelievable. I can write it I have wrote it to you, in a way that comes over as it tryly was – you will see!
        I have pictures a.lso! Pictures of Paris at night – Oh WOW!!!
        Thank you beautiful man – you are incredible!
        I adore you
        Gail xxx

  17. neila costa says:

    Dear Peter.

    I loved your presentation in,Festival Rock Aux Caves de Sancerre ,when you want,you’re the genius.

    while there are stars in the sky.

    and sand in the desert

    keep trying.

    Love you forever.

  18. peterjacpan says:

    11 November.. A day to remember ” where youth and laughter go ” . I’ m glad I discovered Siegfried Sassoon’s poems thanks to you :-)

  19. deniz.i. says:

    Hey Peter,
    what the matter with you ?
    Write us something,please.

    When are you coming back to germany, i hope very soon

    Komm wieder nach Deutschland, wir lieben und vermissen Dich hier :-)

  20. valentina says:

    hi Peter,

    I just want to say that you helped me! my mom died 7 months ago.. and I was just sitting in the room and listening your music when that happend.. your music makes me happy! :)

    now i have to take care about my father and brother!! it’s very hard sometimes..
    I was depressed, so I started drinking a lot! Your music has helped me and now everything is fine! your music and my friends! ;)

    kisses from Croatia :*

  21. Adrian says:

    OUR share of night to bear,
    Our share of morning,
    Our blank in bliss to fill,
    Our blank in scorning.

    Here a star, and there a star,
    Some lose their way.
    Here a mist, and there a mist,
    Afterwards—day! – Emily DICKINSON

  22. clementine says:

    sorry for my english, i’m a french girl Peter,

    It is a cold day …
    Brings you a little that warms
    But not everything is virtual is well known
    So we pretend pretend pretend
    Semblance of what? Pretend you
    We like little man, we like
    You pretend, you pretend pretend I
    What will he do next? After all that?
    It is nice that little man is nice
    But everything is wrong, everything is so fake
    Then you warm, we coddle, we like
    But what did he do after? After all that?
    A cigarette, a beer, a glass, a girl
    What would I after? A cigarette, a glass a little man ..
    Everything is wrong is well known, it is like
    We pretend, we pretend …

    You’re a sweet sweet boy, and I’ll say to you
    I love you
    You’re a sweet sweet boy, and I do not know why I love you
    I’m a sweet sweet girl, and you’ll say to me you love me
    I’m a sweet sweet girl …

    You’re special, you’re special and I love you
    You’re special and you’re special I love you
    Your hands are beautiful, your heart is beautiful
    You’re my sweet sweet boy and I love you

    All this is just music, we pretend we pretend
    It is stories, stories of nothing, any history of
    But you’re my man, you’re my man and I love you, I love you I love you
    We pretend we love and we pretend
    You pretend, pretend to me …
    What did they do next? that they will …

  23. valentina says:

    hi Peter,

    I just want to say that you helped me! my mom died 7 months ago.. and I was just sitting in the room and listening your music when that happend.. your music makes me happy! :)

    now i have to take care about my father and brother!! it’s very hard sometimes..
    I was depressed, so I started drinking a lot! Your music has helped me and now everything is fine! your music and my friends! ;)

    kisses from Croatia :*

  24. annie doherty says:

    hello peter, I just registered and I’m Italian, in Rome on September 14 you were fabulous, I had the honor of being in the front row, it was my second concert, I can not wait to see you again, I hope next year in Italy! I love you so much <3 <3

  25. Alice Pleasance Liddell says:

    Dear Peter Doherty.

    I wonder if you reply to any of these posts here.
    I wonder what can one possibly feel,
    when people he do not know
    rushing towards him,
    claiming photographs and hugs.
    How many photos of how many people are out there?
    Did you ever thought of how many people own photos of you?
    I bet they remember moments you probably forgot about.
    Does any of this people ever sent you copies?
    I would have send one, for sure.
    But on the other hand-
    I probably would never ask you to take a photo with me to begin with.
    I can not believe how any one can just ask such a thing.

    I guess being a poet is much easier then being famous poet.
    A poet can write his little poems while riding a bus,
    or sitting at an airport, observing people meet or say their goodbyes.
    Watching REAL hugs.
    I wonder how it feels going up on stage time after time after time..
    Ten years ago I dreamed to become a ballerina,
    but going up on stage made heart attacks in my brains,
    so I gave up that dream.
    When I was ten, I wanted to become Janis Joplin.
    I often wonder how many lost dreams are out there.
    Maybe someday people will build a museum for lost photographs and dreams,
    and poets from all over the globe will come there for inspiration.
    Also kids can come, to get a basic idea about the future, and to enjoy eating good ice-cream.

    I wonder how many people will read this words, and where.
    How much time they spend thinking about the past?
    Do they read books before they go to sleep?
    What interesting facts they know, and what is the amount of all this facts if put together?
    Does any of them has a real face and name, or gender or a baby brother?
    People are so many.
    I once read somewhere that life is a tragedy,
    because you only get to live it ones.
    I also wonder, if all people can cry tears made of salt-
    or just some.

    Dear Peter Doherty.

    I wonder if you reply to any of these posts here.
    I live in Jerusalem. Did you ever met someone from Jerusalem? I have a friend here, who used to live in London. He was in a band as well.
    People has all kinds of stories.
    Some of them are fascinating.

    ‘Fascinating’ is one of my favorite words in English, although my English is not that good.
    Another words I just Love, are ‘peculiar’, ‘introvert’, ‘sadness’ and ‘tuberculosis’.
    I wonder if you have any favorite words as well.
    Did you know– Homo-Sapiens (which are people, just like us- but long time ago)
    survived only for the luck of two things?
    One, is they were the only ones who domesticated cats and dogs.
    The second is, that they used language also for describing things that are not real.
    We are the only species in nature saved by another animals and for our imagination .
    Isn’t it fascinating?

    I also like the word ‘wonder’. Not because of it’s sound-
    but for it’s multiple meanings.

    I wish I knew English as good as you do.
    or like Shakespeare did.
    I wish people go back to sending real letters on real papers written in real ink by real fingers.

    I hope you can send me a sign,
    so I can know for sure that you are real.
    It will definitely make me less sad-
    which is- more happy.

    (..if you want, you can just answer one of my many questions,
    or I can send you my “Long List of Short Question” or my “not so Long List of not so Short Questions”.
    I can also send you my “Best List of Best Things”, which I think is the best list I’ve made so far.)

    Sincerely Yours,
    a friend.
    Middle East.
    Planet Earth.
    The Milky Way.
    Solar System.


    p.s: do you like Victor Hugo??
    p.s#2: Do you think turtles are cute?


  26. bard-up-bastard says:

    The Pan is back!! That’s an incredibly interesting little factoid and I text a friend of mine about it and got this for a reply:
    “The torpid artist seeks inspiration at any cost, by virtue or by vice, by friend or by fiend, by prayer or by wine.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Which I batted back with a bit of spin. In a foul and vile mood I was:

    The morbid artist sees vice as his virtue,
    His friends as his fiends, either way they will hurt you.
    And resorting to prayer as a sure as hell sign,
    That either you’ve had too much or can’t afford enough wine.

    Anywho, hope all is well aboard the Albion, Peter. I saw your show at Brixton Jamm all the way back in the fog of January. It was the set before the one where that twat went and lobbed a coin at ya and to your utter annoyance and outrage found that it was only a ha’penny and not a billy the kid (quid). <<<<I think I made that one up. Chips n Pitta (Twitter) <<<< I definitely made that one up. I'd bet my guitar strings on it.

    Any a good captain must go down with his dreams amongst the good, the bad, the jel and the reem.

    Look forward to seeing more writing, Peter x

    • WilliamGdustyRhodes says:

      I thought Elvis Costello nailed John well with the line,
      Was it a millionaire who said, “Imagine no possessions?”

  27. HaroldsAssociate says:

    Words for fun

    Oh dearest Peter
    You are not done with music.
    The fashion you do you are done with.
    She will not have you as such in short order
    By creed of your heart and hers.

    These words for me; so let me get to the point:
    No body says hi
    They just stand in echo chambers and hear their sweet voices
    I want to play
    You busy a-sail on your Albion love.
    Do you not see with no competent navigator
    Towards Arcadia you will go
    But may never arrive, may such not be.

    I don’t want to spend my soul’s blood trying.
    I want. I am willing to work. Only I work smart.
    Join my ship dear boy; become a man
    One you like.

    Do you see?
    Play with me. I shalln’t do you wrong.
    I shall make you earn your due.
    Delight ourselves we will; my aim.
    But not stupid delight of a night’s stupor.
    Delight of work well done and basking in the glory built.
    Have you ever laid in a lady’s arms and knew you alone could bring her so sweet?
    Paradise earned.

    I jest not my dearest Peter.

    So many other words could I put down but to what avail.
    I want to work to play for me they are one in the same.
    I know what I build towards: what you call Arcadia.
    What I call heaven on earth.
    a.k.a. “living”

    the desire in my heart
    at present has no consistent note of manifestation
    save one; and he will not have me; my heart cries inside.
    I shall not though stand in tears day in day out; for we’ve enough of them for a thousand years.
    Come sound this gourd with me with some intelligence
    For she calls you too.

    A thousand ways I throw in my line with bait all fresh.
    Out comes nothing mostly.
    Dead is all it seems; but such can’t be so.
    So I just keep knocking ‘cause I am persistent and perhaps a bit dense
    I know though my words aren’t untrue
    My platform to sound from I do so seek
    A big one; my appetite is big
    A sound one for I do not build sloppy.
    A pretty one cause I like to look at my handwork and be mesmerized.

    Knock knock. He he.
    Comprendrez me?
    He he
    Jouez avec moi monsieur de la Coeur
    Render our doings and days at peace
    Render tomorrows beautiful

    Etc etc etc
    Till I have my way with this world
    Or I subcom to she rules.
    And on a day such as today
    my heart hurts.

    What do I have to entice one such as you
    Other than words of soul
    But you’ve heard them all and none are real
    Can’t help you there my boy till it goes “ding”

    I beat my mallet on a lot these days waiting looking for this “ding”
    Not much rings back true and full as I said

    But all can’t be dead
    As I said
    ‘Cause too many I see look at me and know I know
    And cause well some I know I know

    Monsieur representative of Albion of days gone past
    Alight you anew take this role again
    If you heart can so hear
    I tempt you with less than sweet honey; but such you shall not have from me
    But I know the value of my call on you

    And do beckon it again:
    Have you walked between the rain drops
    And your soul danced out in delight
    Days as such I want to do again and again and again

    A depthful soul to know of such
    Substaining the art
    To play with others who see such too; my heart’s desire
    A dozen or so please God
    No less

    And I shall orchestra all to the most fruit
    And bask in our heaven built

    My ship’s rudder works well
    Able body deck hands I do court tease and entice
    les mots ne sont pas morts
    juste besoin de re-vibration

    s’il vous plait monsieur

  28. harrietrose says:

    you really are incredible, peter.

  29. Anevian says:

    Im glad to see you are writting here, is difficult to know if what I get from your letters is the real meaning or I have just made it up in my mind, anyway, I love to think about it!Im learneing loads of words through you….love you!see you next wednesday!xx

  30. meganmcnally_ says:

    Peter, just thought id take a minute of my time to say how much you’ve changed my life. Im 13. Your music has made me pick up my guitar again, play gigs (5 times a week), play your songs, share your music. And your poetry has made me find a love of poetry and study hard in English. My hero. You are a God x

  31. Bianca G. Braciak says:

    Hi peter… It’s great you are back here! I enjoy what you write!

  32. graccceeee says:

    Peter, how can i get in touch about you playing at a charity gig?

  33. somescallywag says:

    peteycat, peteycat, where have you been..? x

  34. modigliana says:

    Le long du vieux faubourg, où pendent aux masures
    Les persiennes, abri des sécrètes luxures,
    Quand le soleil cruel frappe à traits redoublés
    Sur la ville et les champs, sur les toits et les blés,
    Je vais m’exercer seul à ma fantasque escrime,
    Flairant dans tous les coins les hasards de la rime,
    Trébuchant sur les mots comme sur les pavés
    Heurtant parfois des vers depuis longtemps rêvés.

    Ce père nourricier, ennemi des chloroses,
    Éveille dans les champs les vers comme les roses;
    Il fait s’évaporer les soucis vers le ciel,
    Et remplit les cerveaux et les ruches le miel.
    C’est lui qui rajeunit les porteurs de béquilles
    Et les rend gais et doux comme des jeunes filles,
    Et commande aux moissons de croître et de mûrir
    Dans le cœur immortel qui toujours veut fleurir!

    Quand, ainsi qu’un poète, il descend dans les villes,
    Il ennoblit le sort des choses les plus viles,
    Et s’introduit en roi, sans bruit et sans valets,
    Dans tous les hôpitaux et dans tous les palais.

    La plus jolie définition du poète.

  35. clover says:

    peter,it’s really nice of you coming back,love&faith for you&your talent,you give me profound influenece ,and i begin to read Wilde and other literatures because of you.i’ve been waiting for your new album for so long,hope everyting goes well and the new album will come soon

  36. Assol says:

    Weirdly enough the same day while still in Europe I dreamt I came across Sir Paul (Mc.Cartney) and we went on about the music now and then, and somehow I started showing him the vids of Peter playing life in an attempt to selfishly introduce him Peter’s genius. And he told me –I know the guy and I met him. No doubt he’s got inherent talent, but he’s too lazy to use it not until he is in need. (No blame on me it was Sir Paul’s quote!) And then he said that when making an interview with him Peter always got side-tracked with his own thoughts blah blah and that annoyed him a bit. Anyhow afterwards there appeared his new wife who opened me a secret that US have known all the truth about the aliens long before, and me and my dog were captured by the UFO landed amidst the forest.[crazy]
    Peter, so far you’re back, would you be so kind to shed some light on Moscow dates? There were rumors of Oct.25 and there’s still no confirmation, ahem… Thnx in advance

  37. des Esseintes1931 says:


    Happy as others to see you writing again on this blog.

    Was sad to hear today that Adrian does not want to proceed with my book about you now, but I understand that you are busy…and glad that you are taking the time to write here. Courage, my boy.

    I hope you at least got to see what I proposed for the book. Not giving up… And still want you to read Nightwood. You will fall in love with Robin Vote…”"sitting with her legs thrust out, her head thrown back against the
    embossed cushion of the chair, sleeping, one arm fallen over the chair’s side, the hand somehow older and wiser than her body…”


  38. laura says:

    ah it’s so nice to be reading you’re writing again Pete. you have no idea

  39. francy77 says:

    Welcome back Crazy brother;) !

  40. Gail says:


    Sometimes great. Mostly not.

    Mostly equally fucked up people.

    Fucked up people looking to rectify and yes, YES.





  41. deniz.i. says:

    Peter, it´s so nice to read something from you,
    please be so kind as to write more often again.
    I hope you are well.

    Come again soon please to Germany :-)
    I hope I can see you maybe next year to lots of small gigs,
    that would be great,
    because at the festivals you’re always too far away from the audience.
    Since dies every hope maybe you have a few words with you ;-)

    Send you thousands of kisses: – *
    In love Denise

  42. elle says:

    i consulted my friend”iknowitallaboutbeatlesandjohnlennon/geniusofpoerty”….yes Peter, you’re a discoverer!

  43. Welcome Backkkkk Peterrrrr!!!!!

  44. Konstantinos says:

    Dear Peter,
    I guess that you have been influenced by many people as well and have used phrases or words similar to the ones you have read over the years… I believe, putting the words of a poet in a song is a tribute to this man, to say the least…

  45. aja says:

    i love your articles, it’s interesting and mysterious…
    However, sometimes it is not easy to understand…

  46. kelly says:

    no wonder, just the kind of soft hearted spiritualism he would like.

  47. sensitive says:

    My comments are awaiting moderation,that is what the website says,so if these comments ever do appear I will let you know that I am embarrassed about them and cringing.

  48. sourispolemique says:

    i’d love to know more about that………

  49. Mildena says:

    Why are you open your blog currently ? The old post is dating February !! Do you want to speak for ?
    Have you some friends in Paris ?

  50. sensitive says:

    Imagine there s mercy,it is hard to do,imagine there s a god,it is hard to do,imagine there s a cat in a bag,it isn’t hard to do,imagine john was alive,would be cool

  51. AnSo says:

    This is not common knowledge, ‘muggins’ can be relieved.

  52. Missstephanielovespeter says:

    Call me! :)

  53. annabelleinez says:

    where are we now?