“talent borrows, genius steals” – Oscar Wilde “John Lennon’s a thieving scouser” Herman Hesse’s ghost


I’m making time in a roaring furnace

tender joy floods through my arteries when I think of the ecstasy of life


despite the rotten – really, the rotten, ill, prang –

ROTTON ILL PRANG – despite that, I know – and indubitably – that I am in love with life….


the thirst can be quenched?


yes yes yes


the soul’s tender fire;

born towards us from the past: the words that were here and there useless

coming at us from the past : words that are perhaps not arrogant enough to describe happiness, a peniscok

touch and go it can be

as to whether theres a place on the lifeboat for poetry

but then it ends up a no-brainerler  la le la


and and and –

something I was agog to understand

re-reading Herman Hesse

I have a dead scouser’s scrumping to confesse……..


the lyrics – or many of them – to Imagine by his nibs……Mister John Lennon MBE – are purloined from Herman Hesse.

Is this commomn knowledge and muggins here is as usual the last to know>?







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67 Responses to “talent borrows, genius steals” – Oscar Wilde “John Lennon’s a thieving scouser” Herman Hesse’s ghost

  1. Washedupwife says:

    Dear Peter,

    I recently stumbled across your blog after reading the interview you did with The Guardian in Paris. Loved it. I used to listen to your stuff a lot when I was using. I also got on Subutex but recently started up again so of course you crept back in. I feel that we are some sort of kindred spirits, which I know is completely ridiculous but love to cultivate this idea anyway (I have the ‘tite chien Francais tattooed on my wrist).

    Hope February finds you well,

  2. Gail says:

    Hello Peter

    I just wanted to say that I hope with all my heart that you are alright and happy, and also that you just made so much of 2012 so incredible for me – and thank you!!!

    Your amazing exhibition, which just came at me out of the blue and – well, I have told you; seeing you at Brixton Jamm (WOW!!) the live auction (and thank you beyond words for doing that, for making that actually possible) where I ended up and I still to this day can’t believe it! – really and for fucking real owning Joe Toe Cock!!!!! I can still remember to the second when the hammer fell and the guy looked up at the feed for the internet which I was watching – and it was … me!!!!! It was beyond anything!!! It was the picture I most wanted of everything that was on sale (the Blinding was my total favourite, I got a print – and I am glad you kept that, it is incredible, I often think you have become good at letting go, which I am not at all, but I also hope you will keep what you really love forever) AND (I never told you this) also I became the custodian of your beautiful crows – I keep and keep trying to photograph them in a way that it will work, haven’t got there yet, but I will persist! Of course! I did wonder when I watched the film when you are with the crow if you thought of them then – well, I guess I will never know! They are so beautiful. And believe me, I will take incredible care of them. And of course, at last, at last, to see Confession – finally! – and also frankly for me, to see it like that, right in amongst the press, was quite extraordinary! You were simply astonishing, Peter.

    You have been amazing this past year, you are always uplifting and inspiring, but this year you have been incredible. Here’s to 2013 – I just know it will be a great year for you!

    I love you to bits
    Gail x

  3. absentee says:

    hell with everything, might as well try this. I would like it if you emailed me at absentee71@gmail.com
    Not only I would like it, I would love it.
    I just got your books of albion. Inspiring and beautiful.
    Will always hope for that one email
    much love xx

  4. Gail says:

    Happy New Year Beautiful man – I hope that 2013 brings you all that you could ever hope for and more. Lots of love, Gail xxx

  5. neila costa says:

    Querido Peter,parabéns pelo show de ontem,foi maravilhoso. beijos.

    TE AMO.

  6. 1usasupporter says:

    This time go to Amsterdam Teen Challenge it will work for you!

  7. julot_lunaire says:

    Merry Christmas Peter! All my apologies also, for being an insensitive prick at times. You do not deserve that, and I ought to know better than letting myself go on a friend, any friend, and on you as though you were a person in stocks to hurl ill-informed abuse at, when you most certainly are not, and mean so much more than that to me. When the air is full of you, and my heart, then all is fine. The year has been very packed and sometimes worryingly intense, though it all seems to work towards a wonderous end. There are many moments when the joy of companionship is felt, though not physically; there is always a moral relief and ecstasy at knowing that somewhere is a man that understands the wreck of landing at the bottom of that guideless pit; knowing what can be done to reassert, come out humble and cowed to life’s ever more detailed mirage and invisible way. I really hope that you are well, and coming into something you want above all; of freedom and of love.

    • julot_lunaire says:

      Through lost channel re-junctured, a bit of fuckery, and a bit of love I’ve met up with the friend that I fucked under the Geography mobile home in the school I was sent to after I got kicked -out of the Lycée.

      She has managed the Spice Girls, Annie Lennox, Simon Fuller, Simon Fuller, and the Silver Monkeys or whatever. Basically I told her about you and upon my directions, and because she is soon moving to her family chateau in France. she will help you, though I reckon she will help you to find the meaning of what-fuck.
      Her name is Camilla Howarth, and she will meet you in Paris or Bordeaux if you take a hotel for 2 nights there. We are dealing with the same thing: nominally getting back to producing great tracks, and getting a grip, and I have absolutely made her take a vow not to do serious mind boggling harnesses, because I honestly think that it’s a waste of time and that love don’t need it beyond the fun.
      She will not take any shit from you, although I have told her that you are a straight -up sort of person in my experience. She knows that I love you. If you want to take-up on this please email camillahowarth@mac.com . She WILL help you and she’s a fuckworth, though piss her off twice and you won’t be.
      Do this, my Soul dredging friend, for all, and love,

  8. harrietrose says:

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Peter.