announcement regarding management


Andy Boyd and Adrian Hunter are no longer representing my professional interests.


the future is uncertain – [and progression is not possible without deviation of the norm - this is not from me, its from Zappa, via Cyril Bodin]


Cyril, along with Anais Duquesne is currently helping me out with a view to managing me in the future.

My frencvh agent Jean-Louis Schell, will remain a man to trust and work with. Also theres optionsd there.

Any proposals of a professional natrure should go through these guyss.

They all haver other commitments in the wicked world of music and shall we say entertainment.



The future is bright

and what ryhmes with orange?

je n’est sais pas.

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19 Responses to announcement regarding management

  1. downfortheouting says:

    get back in the studio with adem asap! xx

  2. Namaste! says:

    Hmm, something that rhymes orange…


    Breathing life into fruit is a curious pursuit, esp. with a ‘loophole’ in mind’s eye.

    Uncertainty? When I’m luminous in exile by way of artful masochism cultural math seems painful, but when I’m wishing upon a Starbucks…

    I’ve got tickets to Paloma gig, for Christ sake don’t bail!

    V X

  3. Ohh Soo Bright, because it is Sporange!! I am sure you will land Outstanding Representation! xx P. Panchux

  4. Mamath says:

    With “orange”, probably “strange”? I hope that your future will be bright!

  5. saskia says:

    Ooohhh! :/
    Can I say something ?
    I’m not scared about your musical future, we love you in France and I whish I could help you but unfortunately I’m not working in the music industry….
    Hope all the best for you as well as a new gig like the one of saturday in Pigalle !

    p.s : “change” rythmes with orange

  6. EmilyLondon says:

    No London visits planned?

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  8. Bencressent says:

    Orange, dérange, arrange, mon ange

  9. downfortheouting says:

    This is the best news ever! Finally, well done! You are a puppet no more!!

  10. Leyree says:

    Hello, I ´d like to write something about you. Please contact me if it´s possible. I am admirer of you, of all your work and all you did. Leyre

  11. marmalade says:


    Would love to have you back in Vienna for a gig and a while…
    Please contact me:
    If no way for Vienna (must be a really good reason) then leave me a message when you’re over to London the next time and where… Brixton Jamm is annoying and naff, don’t you think?

    Take care,

  12. Oshia says:

    QI says: Blorenge, Wales.

    Good luck with the new management.

  13. mer says:


  14. emmet ray says:

    Well, if you want managing in Spain write us: We are organizing a music festival in Bilbao and we want you to play. Thank you.

  15. graccceeee says:

    i honestly wish i could be your manager!

  16. Adrian says:

    today’s my birthday, i hope you’ll have a great day too, hang around in the 7th arrondissement, nice area………….

  17. Laura says:

    ahw Peter
    it’s “je ne sais pas” ♥

  18. Konstantinos says:

    AT LAST. These guys were not right for you and they have been rude to some of us, if you want to know. Hope you keep going strong though. Best of luck my boy… Take care…

  19. Claire White says:

    Hi there – I saw you play at the Torriano a couple of weeks ago (great gig btw) -I must say, good news re: the above, I hope you find people to work with that put your best interests before their own.

    I was in my local pub the Grafton (KTown) last week – the bar guy said you might be playing some gigs there soon. If so, it would be cool if you post to forewarn. I briefly chatted to you after the Torriano gig (mention of Newcastle/Sland) – one thing I failed to ask you – ‘I’m Looking for the Face I had Before the World was Made…..’ what does that mean?

    Ciao for now. FYI lots of things rhyme with orange….