Nous son

“It’s come to my attention that confusion abounds regarding my management situation. Hopefully I can clarify the current situation. Forget my previous post friends … All new enquiries should be directed to Mr Adrian Hunter (once, previous, future and current) for consideration. Any enquiries directed to any previously named ‘représentatives’ (e.g Messrs Bodin et Duquense) should be directed to Mr Hunter whère they havé every chance of professional considération and onward actioning.”

this is whaT Adrian typéed in my ‘notes application ‘

Well there we go …

Adrian is looking after my professional concerns, once again. although as a close friend there are enormous tensions at times”hang on you”
he continues
“righty tightly  … One would assume that you’d deliver the ‘coup de grace’ … Let me re-read …Why yes Peter, approved. I’ve enjoyed every word of it. Hopefully now the heavens above will pour rain and scorn upon despots
[stops typing and says|
stuff about thatcher,
“and I’ve got a favorite hatchet”
Now, he / I continues … Wonderful action on this hatchet … Pass it over. Pass it … Let me chop it!
damn damn damn …
love and money money and love
heavens above
and below
on with the show!
whyever not!
5 date aAlbion outing coustic tour
&1 more
although SylvieVerheyde is now my acting agent
on the wway to Marseille
straight in old faithful in theTGV
sleep on train
Started with
‘picture me in a hhospital’ then ( in no order )
backfromthedead, dntlookbackintothesun, for lovers, downfortheouting, cantstandmenow, hooligansonE, thewholeworldisourplayground, sheepskinTearaway, whatkatiadid, backfromthedead, musicehenthelightsgoout, attheFlophouse, newsong(untitled) with riff nicked from ‘Tears’-DjangoReinhart song, theHaHaWall ,lastoftheEnglishroses, carryonupthemorning, a bit of’outontheWeekend’ byNeilYoung, also cover of ‘cantstanditanymore’ by VelvetUnderground
finished with new song’fallfromGrace’
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27 Responses to Nous son

  1. Yeah Yeah
    Tickets to Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth sideshows….. + Splendour in the grass…..
    Looks like I’m having a Shambles July

  2. paolobhoy says:

    Please hurry back to Scotland and play Peter, preferably Paisley! Play the arts centre nice wee cosy venue plus it round corner from my house.

  3. domgreenslade says:

    Dear Peter

    I am very very excited to see you in my home town of Poole. I’m sure you will love it here. The long beaches and sandy shores, Poole Quay, Old Town. There is much history in Poole. I know you have been in the area before, but if you need a tour guide, let me know! Last time you were in Bournemouth, we met and exchanged words, even had a photo. I’d love the opportunity to speak to you about Poole itself this time. Anyway, i’ll stop gibbering on.
    See you at Mr Kyps
    Best Wishes

  4. somorastik says:

    Hi, Peter as soon as I heard you will be playing in Bratislava, I almost jumped out of my skin, but since the time we live in is so instant, I found out all the tickets were sold out before I even found out you play. Damn it, what came across my mind was go and see you play somwhere in france. Im no stranger to long journeys. Me and my friends we travel the world on old communist era motorcycles, Jawa Pionier (translated Pioneer). They got 3 horse power and three speeds. Just the right amount.
    See our travels here :-)
    Slovakia 2008:
    Romania 2009:
    Kazachstan 2010-the tough:

    Roll on and on!!!


  5. kieranneedham says:

    So excited about the tour Peter. The Leeds gig is two days after my 18th birthday on a Friday night so cheers for that. Going to Leeds and Sheffield then hopefully get to see Carl later in the year as well when he finally finishes his album. It’s going to he a great year for libs fans cell ceiling blues or whatever it’s called is the best song I’ve heard in a while and Carl’s victory gin is great too. Btw I saw a couple of videos you performing with the female violinist ( nice one ) and dlbits sounds so good I’d love to see it make it onto the shambles album as a bonus track. Good luck with everything while recording the album I’m sure you will nail it as usual and I hope to see you at the Leeds gig ( I’m still hopeful for Leeds fest too if you fancy doing the nme tent with shambles) cheers for being my hero .

  6. 1usasupporter says:

    So happy to here this finally ironed out so to speak….Adrian is so interesting on Facebook msg’d him he should write a book as his post’s remind me of Keith Richard’s book “Life” and the Count/Duke Lowenstein that managed the Rolling Stones — a lot of stories to tell?!?

  7. BillysBones says:

    Dear Peter
    I cannae wait to hear this new song with Reinhart’s Tears riff. Listening to the original just now.
    Will be grand i am sure.
    I’m also a writer of sorts.
    If you have a second or 3 here’s my blog – has all me writing; songlyrics/poems.

    She punctured my heart
    with a chip fork –
    poured its vinegar into a different face.
    I was held together only by John Player Specials
    the sick in my hands – the mirrors taste.

    From Lulu by James Cornish.

    If you have a second or 4, page 2 has much better work on it.
    ‘Second or 5 etc etc etc. ;-) WINK WINK. Nudge nudge.

    Hope all is well.
    Kind Regards, James Cornish.