O2 Academy Brixton Gig

O2 Academy BrixtonAnother spectacular performance from Peter Doherty at the O2 Academy Brixton! This one features ballet dancers, a violinist and Peter accompanies himself on harmonica. If you missed it – or want to relive it – we have another concert video from the front row, check out the Movie Room to watch.

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2 Responses to O2 Academy Brixton Gig

  1. i know you says:

    Push as hard as you like
    I will still like

    Push and kick and cut as hard as you like.

    Come close, closer, almost close
    Then push and kick and then pull back to all of it again
    Do you think I don’t see?

    Corrupt the path
    It doesn’t have to be me

    Rip it up and tear it up and kick some ass
    Do it for you

    To see you fully free, I will be smiling bigly in the wings.


    Do it for you.

  2. i know you says:

    Peeling Back The Layers

    Takes time, and effort, and as well as that not just a little bit of love. Or whatever.

    While all the time never ever quite knowing ever.

    Always (consciously, unconsciously even!) aware.

    Yet never sure.

    Wanting always: but what?
    The old conundrum?
    No. Not that. Not ever.

    Learning to live in this wait and see moment.
    Learning just to wait and see.

    Waiting for you to show a hand, any hand, fully.
    Any hand at all.

    Wanting you
    Wanting you
    Wanting you

    Any hand at all, or at least, so she says…

    Time for the magic tricks, now, mefeels…